“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent.” Victor Hugo

Researchers have established that music and movement programs positively stimulate and affect the development of a child from birth through the primary school years. Through music, children can enhance cognitive skills including counting and memorizing. Creativity through music is incorporated with enchantment into the special music class at The Rollins Child Development Center. Children will learn to become proud performers, able to contribute, to belong in a group, to explore, to create and to communicate in joyful meaningful ways. Each music class will encourage responsiveness to sound that will lead to meaningful communication while enhancing creativity.

Infants at The Rollins Child Development Center will respond to many types of classical music and other musical styles. Research shows that exposure to a variety of musical experiences help the infant brain develop an increased level of neural synapses. Children are biologically primed from birth to delight in the human voice. Because infants respond so strongly to the human voice, singing is a naturally powerful way for adults and babies to communicate. Interacting with each infant by assisting them to clap, bouncing them in “time” to the music, holding them while dancing, and encouraging them to shank rattles while music is playing will excite infants and support language learning. Silly songs that include each child’s name along with rhyming words to enrich and stimulate language awareness will compliment each infant’s development.

Toddlers at the Rollins child Development Center build neural brain connections that will help them in almost every area of school, including reading and math by simply listening to music. Continued brain development will be accelerated when a child actively participates in musical activities. At the Rollins Child Development Center our music and movement experience for toddlers will support them with routines and educational concepts while providing a positive social environment. From the “Toddler Train” to “Follow the Leader”, each child will develop a love for music and sound that will continue to contribute to their language and math development. Coordination and range of motion opportunities will support muscular development and support future growth. Adding drums, xylophones, pianos, and strings to the class will bring in a dimension where social and creative development will flourish.

Older children join in singing and will carry out movements and actions that are self-directed. This will encourage decision making which is a higher thinking skill. The Brain Considerate Music Classes at The Rollins Child Development Center will include finger plays, action songs, and circle games. Children will express their creativity as they play instruments, wave streamers, and make up their own phrases to songs. Stories will come alive as children add instrumental interpretation to favorite classics. Basic music theory to include quarter, half, and whole notes along with a basic introduction to the base and treble clef will excite and educate your child as they “compose” their own music. Listening to instrumental music in various styles from composers that extend from Bach, to Mancini, to Lennon will be part of this important class. Continuing focus on range of motion, muscular development along with gross and fine motor development completes this well-rounded experience. Language, math, social awareness, and creativity are highlighted through the many musical offerings that will be presented to your child. Group and social interaction will complete a well-rounded opportunity for each child to extend beyond the basic routines in the classroom.

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