Research has proven that what babies see, hear, smell, touch, and taste causes brain connections to awaken and develop.  It is also known that a loving, consistent, predictable, and safe environment is essential to healthy infant development.  At the Rollins Child Development Center, we realize that what babies accomplish during their infant developmental stages will set the growth and tone for all the years that follow!  

Our Infant Curriculum has been developed with this research in mind.  Our learning process and key experiences support and encourage each infant every day.  As infants begin to explore their world, they will have supportive opportunities to discover friends, have tummy time, stretching and tracking time, as well as parallel play time.  Faith-focused opportunities that include prayer, Christian songs, and Bible stories will also be part of each infant’s daily routine.  We also include sign language, foreign language introductions, outdoor time, exploring senses with paint and music, and of course, story time into the schedule to enrich our infant program.

At the Rollins Child Development Center, each infant is on their own schedule for feeding and sleeping.  An individual plan is developed by our trained Infant Teacher who collaborates with the family to ensure that the schedule at school is congruent to the schedule at home. This plan is updated as each infant progresses through developmental stages.  With the parents/guardians as our partners, we are confident that the needs and support of every infant will be addressed.

Each infant will be assigned a primary care giver who will nurture your precious baby while assuring that all their needs are being met.  Frequent meetings and conversations with your child’s teacher will inform you of daily activities and developmental milestones that are achieved.  Formal assessments will be completed and reviewed at least three times each school year to ensure that information is shared.  Our open-door policy will help you as a parent be part of your child’s day as your schedule permits.

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