Research has concluded that during critical developmental periods long, thin fibers grow inside the brain creating pathways that carry electrical impulses from brain cell to brain cell.  This network grows daily in the young brain.  According to research, this growth forms the neurological foundation for a child to build a lifetime of skills.  At the Rollins Child Development Center, we support this sound research and dedicate ourselves to preparing each kindergarten child for academic excellence. Our faith-based program empowers each child to become confident, successful, and caring while establishing a strong foundation of solid faith-filled experiences. We included character building opportunities, prayer, Christian songs, and Bible stories as part of each child’s day. Our curriculum helps stimulate brain development and mental power. We understand that each child learns differently.  Therefore, our trained teachers offer each student a variety of opportunities in terms of learning styles and varying abilities/interests.  Children learn and expand their knowledge through supported focus and key experiences that can build skill in language, phonics, math, social studies, science, technology, hand writing, and reading.  Physical activity, foreign language, and visual/creative arts complement our program as well. Respect for self and others is an important part of our philosophy at the Rollins Child Development Center.  Decision making, critical thinking, and conflict resolution opportunities are supported throughout the day.  In addition, appropriate principles that provide challenges to help children find new ways to become successful, caring individuals are presented.  These principles also build confidence to support on-going learning and more complex social and intellectual skills to help prepare your child for future success in school, as well as later in life. Assessments and parent conferences are offered at critical times throughout the school year to present ongoing documentation to each family regarding the development of each child.  These important meetings focus on the child’s success in developmental domains and can identify items that may need extra concentration.  Partnering with parents allows the teacher to offer support that will benefit and encourage positive growth for each kindergarten child and empower the parent/guardian to advocate for their child in educational institutions.
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