“Exercise is good for your mind, body and soul.” Susie Michelle Cortright

The Rollins Child Development Center recognizes mind and body fitness is the key to each child’s development.  The National Association for Sport and Physical Education recommends that “ALL young children be involved in a variety of age-appropriate physical activities, beginning at birth, to develop their motor skills and spark a life-long willingness and ability to exercise.”  Our teachers encourage many different activities that will engage each child through mind/body interaction as skill and coordination are developed. Connecting mind and body is a key step in building self-awareness and self-control.  Cognitive development, along with a love for physical activity will be promoted through planned, developmentally appropriate activities.  Future concentration and stamina are just two of the many positive outcomes each child will realize from this ongoing lifestyle that is embraced at the Rollins Child Development Center.

Infants will be encouraged to explore their environment and given ample opportunities to become skillful movers by rolling over, sitting up, reaching, pushing, pulling, standing, and walking.  Also, our teachers will support important activities chosen to build neurological connections and advance eye hand coordination while building upper body strength.

Toddlers at the Rollins Child Development Center will discover a strong sense of self while climbing, jumping, pushing, and pulling.  Climbing, playing on bikes and other “child-powered” riding toys, rolling, and catching a ball are important movements that will continue to support progression of muscle development along with eye hand coordination. Through this, toddlers will begin to realize a connection between their actions and outcomes.  Cause and effect is a skill that your toddler will use to determine what will come next and how things work together.  This skill will advance your child’s abilities both cognitively and physically preparing them for later academic and social success.

Preschool through Kindergarten children have mastered many developmental skills and are now prepared for organized activities that involve catching and pitching, maintaining balance on the beam, and manipulating their way through challenging obstacle courses designed to test agility, focus, self-control, and stamina.

At the Rollins Child Development Center, independent challenges will bring focus and understanding by offering carefully selected physical and mental options designed to build a strong character.  Additionally, we offer martial arts as an opportunity that will increase your child’s ability to concentrate, make decisions, gain self-control, and support meta-cognitive awareness.  Mind and body exercise is important to your child’s continued development and at the Rollins Child Development Center we are proud to be their guide.

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