Our trained kitchen specialists prepare all meals on site. Each of our menus meet the USDA guidelines for children and we make them available to you in order to ensure that your child’s diet is varied and balanced. Parents can rest assured that their child is being nourished with the best foods for their physical and mental development. Individual consideration is part of our nutrition planning process. For this reason, a vegetarian menu option is always available. In addition, we honor food preferences whenever possible. At the Rollins Child Development Center, we value diversity and the support an environment rich in culture and tradition. Offering foods from far away countries with various consistencies and taste will encourage children to try new things. We believe that children taste things based on what they have seen before. Because of this, our teachers actively participate in family-style dining and will try new foods along with the children. This family-style approach will encourage the most discriminating food critic to explore tastes and textures from other countries and cultures. To ensure a nutrient rich and healthy diet, we include fresh fruits and vegetables, free range chicken and beef, whole grains, minimally processed foods, and organic ingredients when in season. We believe that nutrition and education are highly correlated and plan our students’ meals to foster the best possible development.
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