Specials Program

At Rollins Child Development Center, we offer a variety of enrichment programs that are taught by specialized teachers & incorporated into the students’ school day. We call these special content areas “Specials”.
Our Specials Program currently consists of Music, STEM, Library, Spanish, and Art. Each classroom participates in a lesson fromĀ  each Special once a week. Specials are offered in order to add value to the students’ daily curriculum and expose the students further to science, fine arts, and to build a foundation for language & literacy. Lessons are tailored to each classroom to be both age-appropriate and engaging for its students.
Our Specials teachers also play an integral role in helping us organize and prepare for a variety of center events throughout the year, including our annual Christmas Program, Multicultural Show, STEM Fair, and many more. See our School Calendar to see more of the Special Events we will hold this year.
Explore our Specials Program below!
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